Silk nightwear by Silk Cocoon is exclusively designed and made to provide boudoir luxury, comfort and sensual elegance for the most discerning customer. Silk Cocoon uses only premium grade Mulberry silk, finest motif of delicate lace, hand embroidery and hand painting. Most of the chemises, nightdresses and camisole tops are bias cut with adjustable straps for a perfect fit. With Silk Cocoon you are guaranteed the best!

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Silk Nightwear (5 in page 4 of 5 pages )
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 D08 - silk nightwear    Sale 25% reduction
Silk Nightwear - Silk Camisole & Shorts in Cream
Silk Camisole & shorts more details + basket
Price: £95.00 £72.00
Color: Cream
Hot Pink
Hot Pink

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 D12 - silk nightwear    Hand Emboridery - Limited Edition - Special Offer
Silk Nightwear -Silk Camisoel & Shorts hand emberoidered Olive Green
Silk Camisole & Shorts more details + basket
Price: £161.00 £79.00
Color: Black
Olive Green
Olive Green

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 D17 - silk nightwear    Sale
Silk Nightwear - Silk Camisole & Shorts in Ivory (Camomile) with black spot prints
Silk Camisole & Shorts more details + basket
Price: £92.00 £69.00
Color: Peach/
Peach with Purple Dots
Camomile with Black dots

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 D27 - Silk Nightwear    Promotional Offer
Silk Nightwear - silk camisole and shorts pearl with same colour lace trim
Silk Camisole and Shorts more details + basket
Price: £129.00 £75.00
Color: Pearl
Smoked Pearl
Smoked Pearl colour silk

Style code:
 D28 - silk nightwear    Promotional Offer
Silk Nightwear – silk camisole and shorts in rose colour silk trimmed with gold and ivory colours interlaced fine lace
Silk Camisole & Shorts more details + basket
Price: £135.00 £75.00
Color: Dark Blue
Dark Blue
Rose colour silk
Porcelain Green
Porcelain green colour silk

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  • Silk Cocoon´s Silk Nightwear includes silk pyjamas, silk neglig�e, silk dressing gown, silk robe, silk nightdress, silk nightgown, silk chemise, silk nightshirt, silk loungewear (silk kimono, silk kaftan), silk beach tunic, silk camisole & shorts and knitted silk (Jersey) vest, silk thong and silk French knickers. Some styles are ideal to wear as maternity nightwear, "plus size" nightwear and bridal nightwear. Please use the page number to select the silk products that you are looking for. Page 1 is for Silk Dressing Gown, Silk Neglig�e, Silk Short Robe and Silk Kimono. Page 2 is for Silk Chemise, Page 3 is for Silk Nightdress, Silk Nightshirt and Silk Nightgown. Page 4 is for Silk Camisole and Shorts (French Knickers) sets, and Silk Camisole Top, Silk Vest. Page 5 is for Silk Kaftan, Silk Pyjamas and Silk Camisole top with pyjama bottom sets. Or you can use the top menu bar to select products and size. If you need personal assistance, please email us at

    Silk Cocoon´s silk lingerie is unique as they are all made of pure silk throughout. Its silk lingerie range includes silk bra (T-shirt bra for smooth curves in summer and plunge bra for a better cleavage), silk briefs, silk thong; silk knickers, silk G-string, silk French knickers, silk hipster knickers, silk garter and other silk accessories like silk eye mask. To shop online, please visit Silk Lingerie

    Silk Cocoon´s luxury set of silk bedding includes Silk Duvet filled by hand with natural finest 100% silk floss, silk duvet cover, silk fitted sheets and silk pillow cases. More details please visit Silk Bedding

    Other Silk Cocoon products include women's silk shirt or silk blouse, silk scarf, silk vest and silk camisole top. Men's silk are men's silk pyjamas and silk dressing gown. Unfortunately we no longer carry men´s silk shirt and men's silk boxer shorts.

    Enjoy shopping with Silk Cocoon online and cocoon yourself and loved ones with luxurious and sensual silk!

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